The ones I love.

Something I haven’t mentioned is the support I have in my journey, and being that I’m home today, it seems an appropriate time to talk about it.  While I’m not familiar with many who are on this path, I am not alone, either.

When I got home, I was greeted by my best friend.  Kit is a shaman who entered the kink scene with me, and has used his talents with energy and as a Top for spiritual work.  We’ve been partners for nearly nine years, had our share of bumps, and have always come out of it stronger.  If anyone is most affected by this path, it’s him, and he got all the details of the weekend.  The 45-minute download was rapid-fire and non-stop; he listened patiently as he drove us home from my carpool’s house.

Not only do I have Kit, but in marrying him three years ago, I also gained some incredibly wonderful in-laws and three amazing boys: Knuckles, Mumblz, and Mugwump.  With those boys came their friends and partners.  They don’t get all the details of my life, especially not all the kink and Pagan details, but they are full of love and humor that helps me cope, even if they don’t know anything is wrong.

I’m fortunate in my friends and acquaintances, as well.  Not all of my friends can understand this path, but I have a good number who do, and some who may not understand but are willing to help anyway. Some of these people have listened when I prattled; some have been patient when I couldn’t talk; others have given advice, suggestions, or perspective when I’ve needed it.  Some know others in relationships with deity that are similar to mine.

Not everyone has such a thoroughly fantastic support group.  Some people have no support group at all.  So while the path is going to be difficult, I am incredibly thankful that these people are in my life.  They are gifts for whom I am so grateful, and even in my darkest moments, I can’t forget that.

*Yes, names have been changed.  Duh.  But if you know me personally, you know who most of these people are already.  🙂

About Fala

Fala Redwing is dedicated to Cernunnos as lover, submissive, and slave. A practicing Pagan since 2001 and a member of the BDSM community since 2006, Fala is an eclectic Witch and natural switch. Fala can be contacted at

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