Setting my laptop somewhere secure, I turn my online radio to His favorite station, playing bands like Tool and NIN and Disturbed.  The lights are off, curtains drawn, door closed.  Off goes the clothing as I feel Him insistently prodding at me.  I’ve kept Him waiting at least an hour out of my own embarrassment; He is impatient now.  I grab His phallic crystal from the altar and the vibrator from the cabinet.  I’ve barely staggered onto the bed before He is upon me.

Down I go onto my side, inhaling sharply as I feel Him there.  I feel a pull and roll onto my back, feeling my muscles contract.  I clutch the crystal, feeling its rough edges and smooth planes in my hand.

On your heart.  Open.

Slowly I lift the crystal to my chest, placing it over the center.  The energy hits me as I open myself to it.  I gasp.

Feel Me.

Down the crystal goes, slowly making its way over my skin, sliding between folds to rest coldly on hot flesh.  The temperature difference makes me twitch, but I keep pushing further, coating the tip of the crystal in my own fluids.


Up to my mouth with the crystal, where I briefly smell myself on it before running my tongue along a smooth plane, tasting hot sex and cold mineral earth.  Before I’ve finished, I feel a thrust of energy between my legs that rocks me and takes my breath.  There is a feeling of pressure on my shoulders and breasts, heavy hands having their way with my skin as another thrust burns through me, then another.  My muscles contract again, my hands clutching the crystal and the covers.

I suddenly feel His face near mine, close enough to feel breath, and I gasp with His nearness.  His voice sounds in my ears, deep and commanding.

No more embarrassment.  No more delays.  I want you.  You are Mine, and you will answer.

I feel as if my breath is being pulled from me; it’s as close to a kiss as can be.  My hands come up beside my head as I feel pressure on my wrists.  You will stay here.

My legs tingle, and I open them again.  I have to bite back a yelp as I feel a jolt on the inside of my thigh – a bite, feral and possessive, deep in the tender skin.  There is another, and another, then a bite on the opposite thigh, then two.  A light touch on the hot flesh between my legs, feeling like coarse hair.  My body is writhing now, hot and panting.

There is a sudden jolt on one breast, accompanied by a thrust, and my chest rises as my mouth opens, wrists still fixed to the bed.  Again the feeling of breath leaving me; another jolt on the other breast; another thrust.  He is relentless, pulling breath from me and filling me with His life.  I am gasping, writhing, my body shaking with spasms, my knees trembling with the intensity.

Finally He seems to calm.  I am nearly whimpering, still twitching lightly.  A question is forming in my mind as I remember the vibrator, lying unused on the bed.

Ask Me aloud.

“May I… may I use the toy, Sir?” I ask softly, almost bashfully.


I reach for it – an obnoxiously colorful thing – and start it on a slow speed.  As I start with it, I feel His touch again, gentle this time.  Vary the speed, move it around; I’m getting close, gasping again.  The song on the radio – which I’ve barely registered – changes over, and He speaks.

Hold until the end of this one.

I come out of my haze just enough to listen for the ending.  Higher speed, the end is coming close… and then it comes back, a song that intensifies and calms, almost stops, intensifies again.  I whimper as I try to hold back, knowing that if I let go, it will be more difficult for me to keep the toy in place.  Still He is there, touching me, whispering to me.  Hold it there.

Finally the song ends.  Up with the speed and I choke back a cry as my body convulses again.  Slowly, slowly… I finally calm, my breath slowing.  I start to rise to put things away, and He brings me back down.

Calmly.  Slowly.  Take your time.  There is no hurry.  I love you; I am proud of you.

I curl back up on the bed, feeling Him caressing me, hearing Him murmur in my mind.  I’m not sure how long I’m there, warm and spent.  I almost doze in the quiet dark, until He finally rouses me.

I love you.

Slowly I rise, quiet and calm.  Off goes the music; back go the vibrator and crystal; on go the clothes.  Out of one reality and back to another, carrying the smells and sensations of one with me to the other.

About Fala

Fala Redwing is dedicated to Cernunnos as lover, submissive, and slave. A practicing Pagan since 2001 and a member of the BDSM community since 2006, Fala is an eclectic Witch and natural switch. Fala can be contacted at

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