Walking Between the Worlds.

It’s a phrase I’ve heard a number of times, especially where shamans or shamanistic pathwalkers are concerned (yes, I believe there is a difference; a post for another day). In that context, it means walking the edge between life and death. As I understand, it’s a precarious and often uncomfortable position in which to be. Many of the people I know who walk this road have chronic, sometimes degenerative conditions, my husband included. Some days it’s hard to watch and, I imagine, even harder to walk. I don’t envy anyone called to it.

Lately, though, I’m finding a new definition for “walking between the worlds.” I’ve mentioned before that I have what some friends call a “god phone;” others have termed it being a “godspeaker.” I have conversations with my Deities and guides; sometimes T/they borrow my voice to pass along messages. It’s not a new thing; I have heard and conversed with Them off and on for nearly a decade. This was not always my fortĂ©, though; originally I was ground crew.

Just to clarify: “ground crew” refers to the folks who hold to earth. They are the ones to bring others from flight without a crash. Many of the ones I know don’t have a godphone or radio, or have never mentioned it. Being born a double Taurus on Beltane explains a lot of it for me, the bull being very solidly an earth sign and Beltane being a very earthy holiday. (He’s chuckling rather mischievously at that one.) In short, it’s a role I fell into rather easily and grew comfortable with very quickly, mainly because I didn’t have to work at it. (Hey, look! Easy Work! I can do that.)

Since starting down this path in late October, I haven’t been ground crew for anyone. (Not consciously, anyway; I often don’t feel whatever is being channeled back to earth.) On a recent walk home, though, during a conversation with Him about future Work, He mentioned it. I will walk between the worlds; I will continue to be godspeaker, and be ground crew. I will serve my community and Him using both – sometimes at the same time. And eventually I will teach it.

Um, eurgh?

I know people who fill one or the other of these roles, but I am not aware of anyone who fills both. I’m sure they’re out there (Rule 34, anyone?). I might even know some who do and not know it. It’s a different kind of walking between the worlds… and for now, I’m finding it bloody uncomfortable. I can’t even imagine using both at once, much less teaching it. (Yes, I know the former will happen, uncomfortable or not, and the latter is a looooong way off yet I still already have a writeup started. Welcome to my brain.)

To be honest, the prospect scares me. A lot, actually, to a point that surprises me. Grounding others I can do. Grounding others I can do in my sleep. I even have a verbal exercise to help make it even easier. Godspeaking, while not so exhausting anymore, still comes harder for me. Doing both at once means living in the space between air and earth, a place that doesn’t have words and is smack in the middle of two opposites, which makes me intensely uncomfortable. And teaching… holy hell, don’t even get me started on the social and personal anxieties involved with that.

*sigh* Nobody said this path would be easy. I knew it wouldn’t be from the very beginning, yet I am constantly surprised by what is being Tasked.

I will take you through the fire and forge you stronger, He says to me now.


About Fala

Fala Redwing is dedicated to Cernunnos as lover, submissive, and slave. A practicing Pagan since 2001 and a member of the BDSM community since 2006, Fala is an eclectic Witch and natural switch. Fala can be contacted at falaredwing@gmail.com.

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