The Cast

What, your life doesn’t have a cast? πŸ˜›

Cernunnos: By far the most central Deity in my life. He is Lover and Master, my Sir. My visual of him tends to look a lot like this piece by Sandra SanTara.

Danu: My Mother, ever-patient, ever-firm. She insists that I have a relationship with my Siblings, but also insists that they not abuse me. My visual of her follows this image by the late Keith Parkinson.

Ganesha: Cousin, Friend, Tuskface, Interloper (because He inserted Himself into my life before I even realized what was happening). His image changes for me depending on His aspect.

Raven: The Wise Trickster, the Troublesome Creator, Ol’ Beaky, He’s the newest player in my personal pantheon. He, with permission of my Sir, holds my core, and has also lent me His wings.

Redwing: A guide and touchstone. Fading from prominence in my life, although Raven permits some of Redwing’s color in the wings He lets me borrow.

The Folk: The Fae, the Grey Neighbors, the Wild Ones. Counted as my Siblings, although my relationship with them is a grudging one.

Tamalut: “Shadow.” An ancestor and previous life of my husband’s, who also lives in a dowry bracelet and directs my Work with the Kahina Stones. She is an old, wise, no-nonsense being who doesn’t remember her original name and doesn’t care.

Kit: My partner, husband, and crazy-train companion. He gets pinged if I’m not listening to any of the above, poor love. And it’s his fault that Raven is in my life. πŸ˜›

Sunshine: Kit’s other partner since around 2014, one of my very best friends. She led my ordeal aftercare team, because she is awesome. ❀

Others come and go, but these characters are at the center. And what characters they can be…